Monday, February 29, 2016

Eye Surgeries Finished

(Pre-eye surgery photo)

I wanted to put up a super quick post to share that Mason had his double eye surgery today as well as his spinal MRI.  The surgery went well.  They moved one muscle on each eye to a new position in the hopes that it will help with the eye crossing caused by muscle weakness.  For the next week Mason will have eye drops three times a day and then a checkup.  At that checkup we will possibly order new lenses for his glasses. The other possibility is the surgeon will decide to wait until Mason's 2 month postop checkup before ordering a new prescription.  It depends on how Mason's eyes seem next week. 

Here is one picture that shows how red the inside corner of the eye is from surgery.  Both eyes look like this, though you cannot see it on his left eye because of the angle I took the photo at.  He'll have this redness and broken blood vessels for a few weeks as he heals.  He was still a bit groggy when I took this photo and was waiting for the nurse to hurry up and bring his popsicle.... he cheered right up after that arrived.

As for the spinal MRI, we know nothing about what they saw on the scans.  I'll be calling the neurosurgeon to nudge them along in reading the MRI and sharing their thoughts in the next few days. 

Mason did not have to stay overnight after surgery so he is home.  He played happily this evening without pain and is sleeping peacefully as I type.  Which is my cue to head to bed too!

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