Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wheeling More and Myelo Clinic

We are beginning to see a shift in how Mason chooses to spend his day.  He is asking more often to use his wheelchair at home.  I'm not sure what brought the change on but it has led to many days where he is found pulling out his own art supplies, leaving a trail of things behind him.  He likes to get into the drawers in the kitchen and turn off the dishwasher.

He also no longer insists he have the tray on the wheelchair.  Sometimes he wants it, other times he does not want it.  He is still trying to figure out good ways to carry things on his lap/seat/foot plate to free up his hands for pushing the wheels. This is a picture from last Saturday, Mason was pretending to play Xbox with his brothers.  Too cute!

Myelo clinic for Mason was uneventful last week so I haven't posted about it.  Sorry!  The one specialist we really needed to see (orthopedic surgeon) wasn't there.  We're going to his office in May instead.  Everyone we DID see at clinic was pleased.  Mason's bladder and kidneys look healthy on ultrasound.  He's doing things they didn't expect he would do yet, including easily transferring from wheelchair to hospital chair and back.  He's healthy besides the obvious issues with his hip and feet that we need the orthopedic surgeon to address.


  1. Maybe a little backpack to hang from the back? I'm trying to envision it and not sure it is logistical for all his little boy things. Glad to hear things are going well though.

  2. He IS so cute!! I just now thought about how close in age he and Eliza are!!


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