Monday, February 22, 2016

One Surgery Down, More Next Week

When I last wrote we were waiting to see the neurosurgeon about the possibility of a tethered spinal cord for Mason.  That appointment went well, the surgeons involved in Mason's care had a consultation and decided they do not think his variety of symptoms was related to needs his spinal cord detethered at this time.  That meant a week and a half ago Mason went ahead with surgery to release the tendon in his right heel (instead of putting that surgery off). 

Surgery day ended up being a bit stressful.  Mason was laid back until we went to the operating room.  Then he was a bit nervous so he and I went around the operating room exploring.  Once we did that he settled and I sat him up on the table.  The anesthesiologist handed Mason the mask to explore that would help him fall asleep.  Then Mason decided to hold his own mask to fall asleep.  Usually the anesthesiologist holds it over your nose and mouth and holds the back of your head too so you don't move away from it (for kids).  Nope, Mason just held it while I held him, and to sleep he went.  The anesthesiologist was shocked. 

After surgery we actually got admitted to the hospital because his foot wasn't tolerating the cast so they wanted to observe him for a few hours.  We were supposed to be outpatient.  They ended up bivalving the cast (cutting it) and we did get to go home late that evening. 

Since then things have gone well.  Over the first weekend we had to keep Mason mostly laying down with his cast elevated.  Yeah, not so easy when he came home with ZERO painkillers because he doesn't feel any pain in his feet and legs.  He can't tell he just had surgery, they cut clear to the bone, and other than seeing there is a cast on his leg he feels normal.  After the first three days Mason was allowed to begin sitting up and using his wheelchair.  He is still not allowed to crawl around or climb, so we're doing a good bit of keeping him busy.

He'll have a checkup on Wednesday.  As far as we know the plan is to keep this cast on for 6 weeks from the surgery. 

Next Monday Mason has a double eye surgery.  They will cut and reattach one muscle on each eye to a new position to help with the eye crossing he's dealing with.  Recovery for that is supposed to be pretty easy, eye drops for a week and that's it. 

Right after the eye surgery, while Mason is still under anesthesia, the doctors will do a full spinal MRI.  We're getting a good picture of the spine and spinal cord so we can compare images in the future when he has new symptoms of a tethered cord.

In other news Mason and I go weekly to physical therapy to work on his core strength.  He's a trooper, working really hard and cheerfully doing all we ask him to try.  Basically, each exercise is couched in play and games.  He uses toys, an exercise ball, an exercise peanut, and a tumbling mat to sit, turn, stretch, reach, twist, bend, lift, and crunch. 

We got word that Mason's back brace that he'll wear when sleeping is ready for a fitting, so that is scheduled for the Friday after eye surgery.  I'm praying that Mason tolerates wearing it and adjusts without too much trouble. 

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