Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arm Crawling and Zoo Fun

100_0487Mason has made some big strides this past week.  He is pushing up and getting his belly off the floor more.  He is still struggling with the ability to sit up but decided he really wants to get into everything so he’s just going to arm crawl.  He is cute and still trying to coordinate it all.  He pulls himself around with just those chunky little arms and when he gets stuck somewhere he rolls over or tries to go backward.  Of course it means we’re trying to put him in pants more to protect the skin on his legs and feet.  He just drags them along and his sensitive skin isn’t too happy with that. 100_0551Today we went to the zoo as a family and he enjoyed being out and about.  He rode in the stroller cheerfully for a while, though it was hot and muggy today.  He liked chewing on Daddy’s hat.100_0553His favorite exhibit was the aquarium because he got down beside the biggest tank and could play and touch the glass himself.  He did take a break long enough to smile for the camera though!


  1. How amazing Mason is!That little man is going places!! :)

  2. :-)
    Love ChristinaB's comment.
    Go, Mason, Go!
    You have lots of people cheering you on!

  3. Way to go Mason!
    He's such a strong little guy!


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