Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mason Feels....Great!

It is Sunday and time for an update on Mason's post-surgery recovery.  To be honest, if you had told me on Tuesday or Wednesday that by the weekend Mason would be playing pretty much like he was before surgery I wouldn't have believed you.  He was in so much pain and didn't move unless you made him.  He feels so much better already.

He is crawling.  He is sitting himself up.  He is climbing.  He is on the go for hours at a time before he needs to slow down and rest. 

That core strength we were concerned about?  It's strong!  He's able to lift both hands and balance for a while. It is a beautiful blessing from God! 

We still have not seen his incision.  We remove Mason's bandage tomorrow morning. I'll take some pictures when we do. 


  1. Such great news, and he looks so happy! Hope mommy is also doing well!


  2. I LOVE this! Seeing him sit up so straight with NO hands for support makes me super excited. We're still working on hands-free sitting over here. Crossing our fingers that we get there eventually. Oh! And the orange glasses are absolutely adorable.

  3. Tristan,

    that is so great... It's always amazing to see how fast children recover.

    All the best and greetings from Germany
    Steffi with Amaya

    P.S. I had already been wondering why you had started doubting that the Lord would smooth the way for Mason. ;-)
    When I read your old posts you often said that you trust that God has a plan...
    Although I couldn't really feel the same way, for you it seemed to be comforting then.

    1. Steffi, that's a great question. The simple answer is that I'm a perfectly imperfect human being and it's easy to take my eyes off the Savior and forget to trust. ;) God is patient with me!

  4. That is just wonderful!!! He is such a little cutie!!

  5. Tristan, Been following along, and praying, but unable to comment as I was in Illinois with my folks as my Dad had surgery. I LOVE seeing Mason sitting there playing with a ball!!! Did my heart good this morning!! Can I ask - did you take his Curious George and that cute blanket to the hospital for Mason? Or do they bless you with things like that? I love that he has comfort items there. And those glasses are still winning me CUTE!!

    1. We brought the Curious George and blanket. Children's is great about letting you bring comfort items, toys, etc. Then while waiting in pre-op the child gets to go to the toy room and pick something to play with and keep (it gives them something to do for the 2 hours waiting for anesthesia). They also have playrooms on each inpatient floor that you can get into only if you are inpatient, Child Life specialists who will bring toys/crafts/activities right to your child's bedside, and music therapy and other programs that run in the playroom at different times each week.

  6. Oh, I'm so glad. He looks so happy! It's so wonderful that his core strength is still there and that he's improving so quickly. God is great, isn't he?!


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