Monday, March 24, 2014

No More Bandage! Pictures of Mason's Back

One week ago today Mason had surgery and that meant we were able to remove his bandage this morning.  We found that our neurosurgeon followed the same general incision line Mason had before, so it is horizontal.  There is still a layer of surgical glue over the incision.  That will begin coming off this week and next on its own. 

Here is a close up of the incision.  It looks pretty similar to the last one.

The only odd thing I didn't get a picture of, it is a bit difficult to get across in a picture.  If you look at Mason from the side and run your fingers down his spine from neck toward his bottom you feel the spine begin to curve out just above the incision.  That may be normal or may be a bit of swelling.  However, when you get below the incision his back seems to dip in again.  That may be evidence of the scar tissue that was removed or may simply be noticeable because the upper part is swollen.  Only time will tell! 

And just because he's cute, here is a picture of Mason playing with the car track.  Joseph taught him how to use the car launcher.  And yes, that not so little baby behind Mason is Samuel.  He's eight months old and crawling around after his big brothers.  He likes to chew on the track.

For a week out from surgery Mason is doing really well and back to most of his normal activities.  He's happy and bossy and enjoying being home surrounded by family.  He's almost settled back into normal sleep routines too.  The hospital always throws him for a loop with checks at all hours, so he had been staying up until midnight every night and taking a late nap each afternoon.  He is falling asleep before 10pm now and nap begins closer to 1:30pm.


  1. Glad he is doing well. I'm constantly amazed at kids' resilience!! I meant to ask you, since he's paralyzed from the waist down, where was he feeling pain after his recent surgery?

  2. How wonderful to see him doing so well! That incision has to look worse than it really is (or so I keep telling myself).

  3. Good to see Mason playing again.
    And the scar looks pretty neat to me... hope it heals quickly.

    All the best for the little man.
    Steffi with Amaya

  4. I have to tell you…Mason is absolutely adorable! What a blessing to have him in your family!


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