Monday, September 15, 2014

The Highlight of the Day....

Life is wonderful, according to Mason, because today he got to meet a service dog, and because he got a green cast.  Yeah, I thought I might try to slip that past you.  The cast on his right leg (broken tibia) slipped over the weekend.  We went in today to get things fixed.  First up they decided to x-ray both legs to see where they were inside the casts. 

While we were waiting for the x-rays to be looked at Mason was in the hall exploring with his wheelchair.  A teen girl with a pink wheelchair and large service dog came out of a room with her mother.  Mason was so excited to see the dog - and a bit overwhelmed by it too.  We visited for a minute.  It was wonderful to see a service dog.  It is one of the possibilities we have down the road for Mason. 

After visiting the doctor pulled us in to see the x-rays.  The x-ray showed the left leg (broken femur) still looks to be well placed within the cast, so no change for it.  The other was obviously out of position so it was changed.  Mason chose green for his cast this time.  It was a LONG appointment that ended up taking 5 hours from the time we left home to the time we returned. 

Anyone want to guess how long until our next cast needs changed?  I'll love you forever if you all guess October 6th, because that is 21 days away and the scheduled appointment. I don't want to keep going back in every 3-5 days between now and then!


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