Monday, October 29, 2012

Nine and a Half Months Old–Learning New Skills!

100_0907What a whirlwind October has been for Mason.  From healthy at first to shunt failure and two surgeries to healing again.  He had a checkup with Neurosurgery today and everything is looking great with the new shunt parts.  100_0908Mason is 9 1/2 months old and quite the sweet, determined little man.  I just love this smile!  Still no baby teeth, but he is so proud of his prop-sit skills.  100_0912 After smiling for the camera he noticed this toy peeking out from under the chair and spun around to get it.  After sitting himself back up a bit he noticed a green block – still out of reach.  100_0914                                                        Drat!

100_0923So this evening after his bath he decided it’s time to really put some effort into pulling up into a sitting position using the furniture. 100_0927 In case you were wondering, that is the next step before pulling into a kneeling position.100_0925  And don’t ask me how he does all this when he can’t feel anything below his bellybutton because I have no idea! 

This is life with Spina Bifida –
full of determination,
seeing miracles in action!


  1. Perhaps you have been through these questions before. I was wondering if you do physical therapy on his legs to strengthen/keep muscles? He is so on the verge of pulling himself up- which entails a lot of falling over. Does that sort of motion affect the shunt? I know I sound so uneducated, and that is because I am. Sorry. Also, what will you do about his hair, or just keep it buzzed back there. And if y'all do Halloween what is he going to be? Seriously I just love this baby of yours and would ask you questions all day. I think he is amazing and I am grateful you share him.

  2. OK- I checked-no Halloween for you. Forget about that question:)

  3. Katie - Yep, we do physical therapy for his legs. He'll also get a stander or mobile stander I would guess around 18 months old (depends on doctors). That will support him in a standing position but in a way that his bones/muscles do the weight bearing (straps keep him in place and support some of the weight). Because he can't control the legs to stand this will be another form of PT to help strengthen and keep the muscles and bones developing.

    Falling over can be bad if he hits his head around the shunt. Yeah, how do you tell that to a baby though? He's so proud of himself. He pulled up like that on the bookshelf later that night - about 10 inches from the corner of an old brick fireplace (shudder).

    For his hair we will keep it fairly short because that is what we do with all our boys generally. It can grow out some, but the area with the scar won't grow hair now, so until we're out of the many shunt revision stage we'll keep it short.

    We don't do Halloween, BUT my kids love playing in costume/dressing up, so I've been keeping my eye on all the awesome wheelchair costume posts I've seen lately. We'll make up a few for him when he's got a regular wheelchair and is old enough to want to dress up.

    We're so glad to share Mason! The more love the better!

  4. He's so full of light! I shudder to think of those who deny life to such beautiful little people!

  5. Mason is so awesome!I think he gets it from his aunt ;0)

  6. Mason is an amazing little man!
    You must be so proud of him and you can be proud of yourself as well.
    You're very informed and determined to do the best for your little guy.

    All the best and greetings from Germany
    Steffi with little Amaya

  7. This is amazing!!! He is one determined little guy! I am sure he has lots of cheers from his siblings too!

  8. Amazing and inspiring.


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