Monday, November 12, 2012

Ten Months Old!

100_0964Is it really November?  Time moves so fast and this weekend Mason turned 10 months old.  I cannot believe that he is that close to a year old.  What a whirlwind this first year has been.  Today his new shunt turned 1 month old.  We’re trying to celebrate these little milestones. 

What is new with Mason?

In short, not much.  He is still not able to sit independently without propping on his hands.  I’ve got specific things to check into when we go to Myelo Clinic at the end of the month related to that.  He doesn’t seem to be using those lower back muscles at all to straighten up.  It means this is likely going to be one of those very slow to achieve physical milestones for Mason – if he even manages it at all.  At the moment we’re hoping he is able to learn how to sit up independently by the time he’s a year and a half. 

For now it affects things in small ways.  He can’t play with two hands while sitting up.  This means developmental achievements that involve both hands are not going to happen.  His hands are busy holding himself up.  He is starting to prop with one hand and hold something in the other some of the time. 

He can’t sit in a cart at the store.  Even with the seatbelt he can’t balance enough.  We either need a lot of blankets wedging him upright or he has to be carried or in a stroller.  Certainly puts a crimp on those trips to the store alone with all the kids for me. 

He can’t sit at the table in his booster seat without the tray attached (the seatbelt isn’t enough support).  He’s decided that his Bumbo seat doesn’t cut it anymore unless it’s his wheelchair one.  Who wants the regular one with no wheels to play with? 

One neat thing we’re seeing is Mason experimenting with the Bumbo Wheelchair.  He still can’t get it to go where he wants it to, and using it on carpet will take some more strength.  But on the tile or wood floors Mason pushes and pulls one wheel at a time and moves around.  He thinks he’s hot stuff when he does this – and he is!  Smart boy.

His personality is still a cheerful, bright-eyed guy.  He has a definite need for Mommy snuggles when he’s ready to go to sleep.  He is also playing around with dropping his second nap.  Not cool!


  1. He is SO CUTE Tristan! What a happy, smiley baby. Thanks for sharing his journey with us.

  2. My youngest (Lliam, born Jan. 10th) is trying to forego his morning nap, which puts him at nightmarish fatigue right at lunch. So I scramble to feed the kids and then put him down, which requires me cuddling with him, then back to the rest to quietly shush them from the table to their beds for quiet time without waking a sleeping giant. It too is not cool, but there are worse things.

    So a question about Mason, is he frustrated about not being able to sit up alone, or having to play while supporting himself? And if not, at what age will frustration appear or is that more personality, or perhaps his comparison to others and then realization? Having one the same age as Mason, I realize that babies get frustrated all the time, about food, or bottles not being put into their mouths the very moment that they feel a hunger pang-ok maybe that's just mine:) or a toy being out of reach. But does he realize that he cannot do these things or that he struggles yet?

  3. Katie -

    No, Mason isn't frustrated often yet. He's content to play laying on his tummy. He is beginning to notice he can't grab things too high up (like on the edge of the couch or ottoman). I think it will take Mason a while to realize he can't do some things others his age are doing. One area we do see frustration is if we try to put him in a cart in the infant carseat at a store. It's not okay with him anymore - he doesn't want to be laying down, he wants to be upright and looking at things. I think we're going to see more of that as he reaches 14-18 months. Especially around 18 months when he can go to the nursery class at church on sundays. He will be trampled, won't be able to sit at the table at snack time (can't sit up in the chair, can't even get himself into the chair), he won't be able to participate in the activity songs that have you going in circles holding hands, and so on. He won't be able to go get a puzzle and carry it to the table to use, then carry the puzzle back and put it away to choose another. Lots of things will begin to add up then for him. Some of it will still happen even if he manages to sit, as he won't be able to get into and out of chairs etc. Once he masters a wheelchair he'll be able to do more, but even then it will be a lot of challenges to figure out. I really think he'll come through fine and I'll be the one having a harder time with it. Mason is a pretty positive, resiliant guy.

  4. Sometimes the hardest part of motherhood is just that-watching them struggle, get hurt, and not be able to do anything about it. Its hard to watch them go through the refiner's fire and not want to interfere. I'm grateful for the reassurance that it will all be for their good. Thank you for answering my nosy questions.


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