Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Saga is now and Epic Saga...

Well, notice anything? That's right, Mason is sporting not one, but TWO long leg casts. He needed the cast on the right leg redone because it was slipping off so we headed in to the surgeon today.  Yes we were just there to place the cast on Monday. 
We have had concerns the last day about Mason's left leg, which has suddenly started to swell, so we got to talk with the surgeon about that too.  Mason got the left leg x-rayed, which was already done two days ago. It was fine then. Now Mason has a broken femur, the long bone above the knee. Two broken legs. The surgeon says that after these heal we will be doing bone density scans to see what is going on with Mason's bones and come up with a plan to help them.

Mason is back to not being allowed to crawl around. Only sitting, laying, and wheeling around. The less movement the better. He's not impressed with that idea.
Here's my question - has anyone developed a bubble to put this little man in so he stops breaking bones?  :)


  1. Oh, so sorry!!! Praying for Mason. That's the happiest little sick boy I've ever seen :-)

  2. Poor boy...can't he have a break already (and his parents too)? :( I remember being through many operations and broken bones (femur mostly), but seeing it in someone else is so much more difficult than experiencing it. Hope he gets well soon!

  3. One additional comment, you don't have to publish this one. I just remembered something and it could help you :) I remembered that when I was Mason's age, I had some operation on my hips and I had casts for month or two and when they were taken off, my bones (femurs mostly) started to break often and the doctors found that I developed osteoporosis and from that moment I had to be super careful because a simple knock on the leg could break the bone. Now that I'm 25, my bones are almost back to normal with all the treatment (pills and physical therapy), but still I have to be careful. I just wanted to share this with you :)

  4. I wonder if he torqued it moving around with the heavy cast and, of course, didn't feel it.


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