Friday, September 26, 2014

God is Good all the Time!

What an amazing and crazy day Mason had today!  The last time I updated this blog was 10 days ago and Mason had just had a cast replaced on his right leg (broken tibia).  If you remember, his left leg is also broken and in a cast (broken femur).  Yesterday we realized that the green cast on the broken tibia had slipped again and needed replaced.  We also saw unsettling changes to Mason's left thigh above the orange cast.  It was hard and large, not swollen and hot, but not normal.  In my heart I wondered if we were facing a second break in the femur higher up on the thigh.  We woke up this morning and the toes of that side were also beginning to swell.  We called the orthopedic surgeon's office to get Mason an appointment.

The nurse practitioner who has been integral through this casting and recasting process was not working in the office today, she was at the hospital for clinic.  She chose to come to the office after clinic just to work with us to find out what is going on with Mason.  I was so glad - total blessing from God to have the people who know your medically complicated child well and are willing to come in extra hours just for him. 

We arrived and she confirmed my worry, that Mason had broken the femur in a second spot.  We removed the orange cast and took x-rays.  The leg is swollen and hard under the skin over a large area of the thigh.  We were all thinking Mason was headed for a spica cast (which goes up to your chest and is a total nightmare).  The NP looked at the x-ray.  She wondered if she was seeing things so much that she called our surgeon away from surgery to look at the x-rays. 

What did she see?  Mason's body had formed a callus around the break, a good and normal thing. His body took it one step further and formed a huge callus around a large portion of Mason's thigh bone.  The leg is swollen and hard because this callus is so big and didn't fit under the cast well.  The callus is so extensive and the healing has been so swift that Mason no longer needs a cast for his broken femur!  God is amazing!

The next step was to remove the slipping green cast and x-ray to check on the broken tibia.  When the cast came off we found that leg, too, is swollen around the break and hard.  You can see where I'm going with this, right?  That leg formed a thick callus and is healing well.  So well that Mason is finished with casts!  God encouraged his body not only to heal, but to heal in a way that was extra strong and thick over the breaks.  I was amazed and in tears. The nurse practitioner and surgeon were amazed.  Mason took it all in stride.  ;) 

Now we have some new appointments to make for Mason's first pair of AFOs, bone density testing, and refitting or new HKAFOs.  And what does Mason want to do now?  "Swing in my swing and take a bath." 

I would not have chosen this crazy process of two broken legs when Mason was healing from hip and heel tendon surgeries.  However God used it to let us know Mason's leg bones are brittle and need some help.  He's drawn us closer to him, met us in our nights of tears and worry, and given us peace in the uncertain process.  God is good all the time!


  1. God is GREAT Tristan!! Thanks so much for sharing, it's great to hear some good news :)

  2. That's SOOO awesome Tristan. I'm so glad for Mason. God is good :-).

  3. That is just amazing, and so like God! I had no idea the body could do that, especially not so quickly!

  4. I'm crying tears of happiness he must have missed swinging and taking baths. All our prayers worked.

  5. God is good and so is that NP. Happy Mason is cast free!

  6. God is indeed always great! I keep my husband updated on Mason and your family and he was very happy for y'all as well. Taking baths would have been the biggest thing that I missed during both legs being in casts ... but swinging IS fun :-)

  7. My heart swells. God's amazingly designed human body proves again to be awe inspiring!!

  8. I used you as a lesson in my Relief Society ..."President Uchtdorf's talk last General Conference, "Being Grateful in any Circumstance" I know it helped me! I hope Mason feels better!!!

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