Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Neuro Checkup–Done!

100_5529We had an easy appointment today at Children’s.  Mason saw his neurosurgon for a checkup post-surgery.  His head is healing beautifully (I could have told them that!).  The plan is to have another Brain MRI done next month to see how the new shunt has settled.  We’ll do that when we go to Myelo clinic.  We also want to see if there have been any changes to Mason’s hip and foot then, hopefully changes for the better.  We will go from there with planning what to do next to help his foot and hip.  Most options include surgery of some sort, though I would prefer leg surgery over spinal cord surgery of course. 

For now we are continuing to stretch and do physical therapy, watching for signs of shunt failure, and praying that things change in a positive way!  Tomorrow Mason’s physical therapist comes for a visit. 

Mason is still battling this cold and having breathing treatments around the clock.  He’s so relaxed through them now, which is wonderful.


  1. Over here we are hoping for the best for baby Mason too. One question I have, is if mason has been checked for his bruising on his face? It may be nothing, but maybe in one of his visits you could ask the doc?....thank you for the updates!

  2. Hehe, the bruising is typical little boy bruises. Mason really struggles with his balance because of the high level of paralysis so he often falls/tips over. He's also aggressively following after his older siblings, onto furniture, outside playing, up stairs (and down sometimes not so safely), and so on. He also has this crazy habit of bonking his head against the window when he's watching the squirrels and birds. So Mason without a bruise is a rarity! They are usually healing in some form or other. I guess being a mother to 8 kids, with 6 boys, I just never really notice anymore what may look unusual to others. LOL.

  3. I am enjoying your blog I have found many but none are as well updated as yours! I am expecting a girl with Spina Bifida in December 2013 I have also started a blog a bit ago. P.s mason is adorable


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