Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Nebulizer for Mason

100_5503I’ve been a bit too busy to share updates on Mason so let me pop in real quick.  While his head seems to be healing well from the shunt revision last week Mason has come down with a cold.  A nasty cold that went from sniffles in the morning to wheezing by bedtime.  The pediatrician sent us home with a nebulizer for breathing treatments.  Don’t let this picture fool you, Mason was terrified of his first breathing treatment because it’s so noisy.  By the second treatment he calmed down and got down to business coloring with a pen. 

Next week is full with a neurosurgery checkup, physical therapy checkup, and meeting with the plastic surgeon about Mason’s wound.  I’ll share updates when I have them!

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  1. I cannot recommend elderberry syrup highly enough. My crew all caught whooping cough last year (the older, immunized kids caught it first and brought it home to my littles). We followed regular medical protocol but were told that my two littlest had irreversible lung damage as a result of the illness, and indeed, I did notice that they got sick more easily and stayed sick much longer than their older siblings--coughs were always terrible--and we were getting dependent on nebulizer breathing treatments--which they hated! A friend recommended elderberry syrup--up to 1/4 cup per day. I finally found some in the health market section of a local grocery store. I diluted it in apple juice and watched my kids' coughs disappear within hours. Without fail, they heal more quickly and suffer far less than they ever used to. In addition, with the last round of colds/coughs that circulated through nursery and primary, these two didn't get sick!!! No more breathing treatments for us!!! I know every family and every child is unique, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


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