Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Surgery #10 is Scheduled–Wound Care

We got Mason’s next surgery date set today.  He’ll be under the knife for the tenth time on Nov. 20th.  This time we’re working with the plastic surgeon to close up the wound on his bottom that has been slowly healing since July.  We’re in a really good place with it right now, it’s filled in and healed a lot.  We’ve avoided infection.  The reason we’re having surgery is that some of the skin has formed a large callus which is preventing the wound from closing and healing the rest of the way. 

We don’t know if this surgery will work long-term.  Because of the area it’s in there is a high chance Mason will reopen it accidentally due to the pressure from sitting or the pull from scooting around.  The surgeon assured us that even adults struggle with this.  It stinks.  I really want this to just be done and over with.  Like everything, it’s just another wait and see.  

Now that we have an official surgery date I am going to spend time getting some important things done.  First up – potty training Mason’s big brother Caleb!  Caleb is turning 3 the day of Mason’s surgery.  That gives us 3 weeks to tackle potty training.  It’s not my favorite task as a mother but this will be my 6th child to potty train so at least I have plenty of experience.  Winking smile 

What’s on your To Do list for the next few weeks?


  1. you are amazing im so glad I found this post it has ment a lot being able to read how far mason has came, as someone very close to me has recently been told that there unborn daughter has open spina bifida, clubfoot & hydrocephalis + a bit more but masons success in his story has made the world of difference thank you! xx

  2. I need to potty train my 7th who will be 3 in December. I have also decided to work hard on my personal scripture study. Just attended Time Out for Women and I came away inspired to try to become a scholar in the scriptures. Not going to be easy but its my long long long term goal. :P


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