Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Healing Update and Getting Into Things

100_2749Mason is a week out from his back surgery so I wanted to share an update.  His recovery has been easy to this point.  He’s healing well and as the swelling has gone down things look a lot smoother than before.  I never want to put him through surgery unless it is necessary so I’m grateful that this one has gone well.  In a few more weeks he’ll be healed all the way and we will begin to see if it makes a big difference in how much clothing, diapers, and other touch hurts his back. 

100_2673He isn’t waiting around though, he has been doing the typical 16 month old things.  Getting into kitchen cabinets…

100_2680and making a big mess.

100_2753Trying new foods, like this fig bar….

100_2755and making cute faces when he decides it is delicious.

He is jabbering up a storm, holding all sorts of conversations with us in his own language.  You know exactly what he’s saying because he points and gestures.  He’s getting pretty bossy actually.

I love seeing him grow and develop, even when it means he’s getting mad every time we leave the room without him.  Poor guy!  If he had been my first baby I’m sure I would have carried him everywhere and been at his beck and call.  Being #7 means I know he can follow me when I leave the room, so I let him do it himself.  You should see how strong he’s getting moving around with just his arms all day!


  1. Great to hear he is healing well!

  2. Thanks for the update. Great news. He is a mover and a shaker!! Of all your lives. LOL

  3. Yay Mason! I love the fig bar face... and the cupboard mess. I love that he moved back so he could more fully appreciate the items falling out of the cupboard to create a larger mess. And thirdly, I love that he is dressed. That is something we almost never can accomplish. Good work mama.


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