Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Back Surgery Completed, Time to Heal!

100_2657Mason had surgery on his back this morning.  He was not impressed with their bed or their blue jammies.  He did like the giraffe that was waiting for him though.  I have to say Children’s Hospital is the best place to be when your little ones need help.  We are really blessed to live within an hour drive.  I know of some Spina Bifida patients who go to our Children’s Hospital that live 3 or more hours away.  We’re there so often and I’m grateful it is relatively close to home. 100_2663

Surgery went well, we were home before lunch and he ate and played like a champ before going down for a nap.  He was so excited to come home that I don’t think he even realized he just had surgery.  This picture is about 2 hours post surgery, mid-crawl.  He was all over the place playing.  Praying it all heals up nice and quick so my little man can move on with his summer!

Read this post for before pictures of Mason’s back.


  1. I can't help but smile when I see pics of your little guy! We will pray that he heals quickly!!

  2. I love the first pic!

    It looks like he is signaling 'may the Force be with you'! :)

    So happy to see your little man did so well!


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