Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back Surgery Tomorrow! Pre-Op Pictures

100_2655I wanted to put up a quick post today letting everyone know Mason has surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning.  It’s outpatient and has been planned for a while now. 100_2646 Dr. P will be smoothing out the extra skin on Mason’s back closure scar.  Right now it catches on his diaper and clothing and hurts.  I folded down the diaper to get these pictures. 100_2650He needed the extra skin for that first year of rapid growth and one side of the scar did flatten out as his body stretched.  But as you can see both do stick up still: 100_2652 We’ve reached the point where he can have the extra skin removed.  Can you believe Mason is 16 months old already?  The procedure should only take an hour.  Of course there are the hours before surgery where we have to be at the hospital waiting, plus recovery afterward.  And as he’ll be under anesthesia Mason has to be NPO from midnight on, so no food or milk.  He can have clear fluids until 5:30am.  Surgery is officially scheduled for 8:50am.  

It will be a long day but in the end is supposed to be a relatively simple surgery.  Mason is considered ‘medically complicated’ because of his other issues so we don’t take anything for granted.  We’re praying for an uncomplicated surgery and swift, easy recovery for our little man. 

100_2642I wanted to share one last cute picture.  This was just the other day and Mason was playing in the stander we’ve borrowed checking out the view from the window.  He likes to watch the birds and cars go by.


  1. Thanks for letting us know - prayers headed upward for Mason!

    Are you having any luck at getting a stander permanently? It sure looks like he loves it!

  2. Thanks for the update! You will be in our prayers!

  3. He is so cute! And his hair is so beautifuland thick!
    Has he had a haircut?

    I will be praying for Baby Mason and family.

  4. Oh my!!! That last picture is awesome!!! What a cute kid!


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