Friday, October 12, 2012

Out of Surgery

I will post a full update later but in short the surgery was eventful (his ventricles collapsed) but everything is in place.  He is back in our arms and we wait to see if this works or if fluid starts backing up again.  Earliest we could head home is tomorrow evening, just have to wait and see.


  1. Tristan, I can't even imagine how difficult these times must be for your family. Even though we have never met, I just wanted to send a word of encouragement. Keep relying on God. Keep turning to Him. I know you will. Everyone at SCM board is thinking of your family and praying for wonderful news. pslively

  2. Whew! What a mental and emotional load to be carrying right now! I'll remember you all in my prayers today!

  3. I hope this will have worked for your little guy . . . been praying ever since I saw the post about him being back in surgery for a revision!

  4. Love you, our prayers are with you!


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