Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eye Surgery Post Op Check - 3 mos

This morning Mason and I took our hour long drive in to see Dr. G, the developmental opthomologist.  It was time to see how his eyes have healed from the double eye surgery in February.  On our way into the hospital Mason was distracted by the large planters at just his height full of spring blossoms. 

Mason's eyes have healed well from the surgery.  He has more control of the eye movements and focus.  With his glasses they are not turning in.  Now the question is do we remove the bifocal lenses?  Dr. G is not sure.  Mason's eyes are right on the line of needing or not needing the bifocals.  He is in the habit of using them, most of the time.  Our assignment for the next few months is to watch when Mason is doing close up work (playing with playdoh, looking at a book, using the Kindle) to see if he is using the bifocals or if he is looking at things over top of the bifocals (using just the regular lens portion). 

When we go back in August it will be a full exam, eye dilation, and ordering new glasses with a new prescription.  Those may or may not include bifocal lenses, but either way the lens strength will be reduced because he doesn't need as much help anymore.  Hooray! 

Other quick updates:

- Mason goes to the orthotist next week to get refitted for his HKAFO standing braces.  We're hoping they can fit.
- While there we will have the orthotist make adjustments to his AFOs.  One foot is getting too much pressure on the heel from the AFOs so he's not able to wear them 24 hours a day.  We average a few hours in them.  A bit of adjusting and maybe some padding should do the trick. 
- Using the sleeping brace is going fine.  Mason does get pretty warm in it, so we're trying to decide the best way to handle the summer heat at night.  We're in an old house whose air conditioning doesn't reach the upstairs bedrooms.  We use a window air conditioner to cool things down a bit but it's still warm up there all summer.  We may end up putting the window air conditioner in the boys' room where Mason is instead of in mommy and daddy's room.  (The electrical circuits can't handle two A/C units up there.  Drat. Blows a fuse every time.)

- Mason is enjoying the Free Wheel attachment.  He's used it in the back yard to play and at our friends' house during time outside with the goats. 

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