Monday, August 25, 2014

Infection Strikes - A Post-Op Update

This blog is one way we document Mason's health adventures so today there is a bit of an update.  We did a bandage change on his hip last night to discover the hip incision from his surgery has become infected in about a 1 inch section on the groin end of the incision.  Drat!  After chatting with the orthopedic surgeon on call last night we were told to head in this morning to have it checked.  So Mason and mommy headed in to the big city an hour away while Daddy oversaw the homeschooling of the rest of the children. 

The doctors agree, it is infected.  They think we caught it early enough that prescribing a course of antibiotics should work.  They opted not to drain the incision today (hooray!) and we're now to do daily bandage changes to monitor how the incision looks.  If things change for the worse we'll go back in, but if not, Mason just has a 10 day course of antibiotics to take. 

Mason is feeling all right.  The area is tender to the touch but in general he's cheerful.  He is not impressed by the flavor of the antibiotic.  That means we'll be fighting to get it in by the end of the 10 days.  It's one of the un-fun parts.  He takes 3 doses a day. 

We are still mostly homebound but Mason is thrilled to be able to spend half his day sitting and wheeling around.  He's also been enjoying some Curious George games that were sent to him by some dear friends, so we save playing with those for the hours he is stuck laying around on his tummy.


  1. Such a little trooper your Mason is! I'm glad they're thinking that antibiotics will solve the issue, thank God you found it when you did!

  2. I too have an infection (UTI) right now and I also am not at all impressed by the taste. Why can't they improve it a bit? I would be happy for, for example, chocolate flavoured pills, mmm! :D Anyway, I hope that your son's infection will go away soon!


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