Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mason's 2 Week Checkup and a Video

Mason had double surgery two weeks ago.  He has been spending all his time laying down which has led to some creative ways to keep him busy and happy.  He's painted and participated in homeschool laying on the table. 

He has snuggled up with Daddy and others.  He has been caught climbing up and down from the couch.

Today was his first checkup with the surgeon.  The hip bandage was removed and the incision looks pretty good, a bit pink in one area.  We'll be keeping our eye on that and continue putting a bandage on the hip for a while yet because it is in his diaper area and we want to keep it clean.

The absolute best news of all is that Mason is now allowed to spend up to half his waking hours sitting up!  The rest needs to be tummy time to stretch out those tendons in his hip, and he still must remain ace bandaged like a merman.  We are also still supposed to keep away from church for a few weeks to avoid Mason getting a cold from another child in the nursery, because right now his body is working really hard to heal from his surgeries.

When we came home today and Mason was finally allowed to get in his wheelchair.  He was ecstatic!  I wish those who see my son in a wheelchair and think or even say "Poor thing!" could have seen it.  A wheelchair to Mason is freedom. Here is a video of his reaction:

 The first thing he did was spin and spin and spin while giggling joyfully.   My reaction was to sob and cry to see my son so happy to move around with his wheelz. 

Four more weeks to go before the cast comes off.  He's healthy and we're loving every day together.


  1. Love! What pure joy! Such a happy video in a world full of ugly news these days! Thanks for sharing!


  2. So happy he is recovering well :-)

  3. Haha, the reaction to finally being in the wheelchair is great! Whenever I'm sick and I have to be in bed a lot, I am usually like Mason when I finally get to sit down :D

  4. Great start to my day!!! Love this video! And knowing Mason has one happy Mama! He is so blessed!! Praise the Lord for Mason's healing in the last two weeks. We will pray for good healing and health to continue!

  5. Love that big smile on his face while spinning! So glad he's healing up well!


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