Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Week Post-Hip and Heel Surgery

One week ago Mason had his double surgery.  Today, if he didn't have to wear his cast/ace bandage merman getup, you wouldn't know he'd just had major surgery.  He's feeling great, is tired of laying around instead of sitting, but is being extremely patient for a 2 year old.  One week down, FIVE to go. 

We have developed a bit of a routine to keep him laying but busy.  Meals are eaten picnic style.  We have a daily art time.  Playdoh is out at least twice during the day.  We do daily quiet time/nap time.  We move upstairs to the bedroom to play with Legos at some point each day. There is daily piano playing for Mason.  And we have cartoons on a LOT. 

At the moment he still has the dressing over the hip surgical site.  It's coming loose a bit at a time and if it's not fallen off before next Wednesday the 20th it will be removed on that day at his checkup. 

Enemas have gone better than expected.  After trying a few things we have settled on something very similar to what we were already doing.  Basically, we now tape trash bags over his casts after we take the ace bandage off, to keep them dry.  He lays on the floor on his left side with some towels bracing him and the orange cast.  We use the cone enema to put the fluid in, then we sit him up (he's on a diaper and towel) and quickly lift him onto the toilet.  We do have a child potty seat insert on the toilet.  I sit in front of him on a footstool and hold him because the heavy casts wreak havoc with his balance.  We sing silly songs, watch silly videos, and do anything that makes him laugh.  Laughter + Enema solution = Poop.

He is still taking an increased dose of Miralax daily to keep his stool very very soft, just this side of diarrhea.  We are generally avoiding the main constipating foods (cheese/rice/bananas/etc).  We're also encouraging Mason to drink lots of fluids.  He won't drink juice but we've found he will usually eat juice if we freeze it into a popsicle, so that is a regular snack each day too. 

Oh, and we're doing a lot of dancing right now.  He's loving it!

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  1. Tristan,
    You are amazing!! Mason looks so great. Five more weeks! I am amazed by you! Hang in there. I am praying for you all.


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