Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Glasses Saga Continues!

Mason broke his second pair of glasses Sunday.  Daddy was able to glue them together so he can wear them while we wait for frames to come in.  One side just won't fold shut now.  Mason really is getting used to his glasses.  He takes them off a few times a day instead of every ten minutes and we just put them right back on.  You can see a difference in his eyes - they don't cross hardly ever when the glasses are on. 

Monday Mason and I went back to Children's Hospital to visit the eyeglasses shop.  After chatting with several families who have had toddlers in glasses we decided to purchase MiraFlex frames for Mason.  Insurance doesn't cover them but after seeing, holding, and bending them around I have high hopes that they will end up lasting. 

We chose this rectangular frame shape for Mason.  One different thing about the MiraFlex frames is the elastic band that helps keep the glasses in place.  Like everything else it will take a little adjusting to get used to. 

They have a handy key ring full of color samples for the MiraFlex glasses.  It reminded me of the paint sample key ring we used when ordering Mason's wheelchair.  He loved playing with the ring. 

After a few minutes I asked the lady we were working with to bring over MiraFlex glasses in about 6 or 7 specific colors.  Basically, I narrowed it down to colors I could live with (removing things like pinks and mint, or various shades of brown when one would work).  Then I asked Mason to choose which color he wanted his glasses to be. 

"You're not really going to let him pick the color, are you?" she asked.  Of course I was!  I narrowed it down, made sure I could live with the six or seven colors I had her bring over, but the final decision is Mason's because he is the one who will wear them. 


He had a definite opinion on the color, as you can see.  Any guess as to what color he chose?

Now we wait for the 2 replacement frames and the new MiraFlex glasses to come in.  They should all be ready by the end of the month and then we'll go in, have lenses moved from broken frames, get everything heated and bent into shape, and be ready for more cuteness.


  1. I think you will be very pleased with the MiraFlex! They are the only type of frame I would put a toddler into. As I mentioned, Golf has had hers for about 2 years now, and we have had 0 issues with them!

  2. And you had a lot more colour choices! I think in Golf's size we had 3 or 4 total to choose from here. (And there is only one store in our province that sells toddler glasses....) There was pink, peach, blue and I think maybe brown, or maybe it was 2 shades of blue... and I think we only had round ones. Nice you have a selection!

  3. Those are the kind the little girl in my nursery class wears. She has pink ones and purple ones, though. :)

    I'll bet your boy chose orange! That's what my boy would choose.

  4. Baby Mason is such a beautiful little. You could tell he was going to be an adorable child when he was born though.

  5. I am thinking orange like his wheelchair. All 4 of my boys like orange (clothes, shoes, art, food, glasses). Come to think of it we have three orange bicycles and one more to get:)

  6. Oh, man! LOL, two pairs that quickly! I can't wait to see them his new ones.

  7. You are an awesome mom for letting him choose!

    I too would have to weed out the colours that I couldn't live with, but plenty of parents would just pick the colour themselves (I would imagine that often, it would either be "you're a boy so you get blue glasses" or "you have blue/brown/green eyes so you get _______" glasses)


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