Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Handsome Mason in MiraFlex Glasses - The Color Reveal

 Today Mason and I headed to Children's Hospital nice and early for a few appointments.  First up was Dr. P the Plastic Surgeon.  While in the waiting room he was happy to see Curious George on the tv.  That is his absolute favorite cartoon.  It worked out well because they were having trouble with the computer and we had a long wait to get back to see the doctor.  Mason had a small area open up on his healing incision on his bottom after our last appointment.  Right in the middle of the opening you could see a stitch.  As we suspected, his body is just trying to get rid of that stitch and once it dissolves he should heal up, no worries.  I'm glad things are going so well.

Next we headed to the 4th floor to pick up Mason's glasses.  We got replacement frames for the original 2 pairs he broke, but the big excitement of the day was that Mason's new MiraFlex glasses were in.  We put them on and he's been wearing them happily ever since. Yes, he chose the orange frames.  Was there ever any doubt?  This boy loves orange!

As you can see, these are held on with an elastic strap.  It goes down along his hair line and doesn't bother him at all.  It is adjustable and also snaps on and off the frame.

These frames are very flexible and have no hinges.  If they get bent out of shape a bit too much we can simply use a hair dryer to soften the frame enough to bend it back. 

We are home now and Mason was thrilled to learn he can play upstairs out of our sight now.  With the other glasses he could all too easily take them off and break them so he had to be close by all the time.  These are much more difficult to take off and even if he does get them off, they're unlikely to break.  He had a quick snack and took off up the stairs.

For the moment Mason's health is stable and we're enjoying each day.  We have a big surgery coming up but I'm doing better at leaving that burden in God's hands for today.  Mason has a sedated MRI of the brain and spine in March and that will determine surgery dates.  His shunt seems to be working well at the moment.  His leg and hip contractures are getting worse but there is nothing to do about it until after the spine surgery.  His vision issues have been addressed.  I may have time to take a breath or two before the next medical whirlwind begins! 

Are you new to Mason's blog?  Do you have any questions about him, about Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, or anything else?  Feel free to leave a comment asking your questions and I'll do my best to answer them. 


  1. Yay for orange glasses! He is super cute in those. Enjoy your breather between medical stuff! Mine is about to end even though we enjoyed pneumonia in between.

  2. Hooray for orange!! :) He looks great.

  3. Is there anyway you can contact me by e-mail? (assuming you can see the address when I comment?) I do have questions! I would love to have your opinion and support.

    1. I actually can't see your email Stephanie. You can email me at tdrowlee1 AT gmail DOT com - I look forward to your email.

  4. He looks great in the Orange. I'm sure you and He will LOVE the Miraflex frames.

  5. I KNEW it! I just knew they were gonna be orange :-) They look great. Mason looks like a very happy boy. Clearly God gave him the right family.

    Blessed with 9 (Baby Rachel arrived Jan 19th)

  6. Hi,I'm Maud,I'm french,I work with a teenager who is affected by spina bifida. I just wanted to congratulate you and especially Mason for all the hard work!


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