Monday, April 8, 2013

First Step to a Wheelchair

Today Mason took the first official step in the path to a pediatric wheelchair!  We visited Columbus Medical Equipment to try out some wheels and chat with our vendor about what we’re looking for.  This Friday we’ll meet up with the vendor and some of Mason’s doctors at Myelo Clinic to take his measurements and get paperwork finished.  100_2299This is one of the demo chairs and as such it looks practically nothing like Mason’s chair will look in the end…LOL!  Still, we were pleased to see him take off the minute he was seatbelted.  Mason enjoyed it.  Some differences between this chair and the custom built chair he’s getting:

  • No headrest, he doesn’t need it.
  • Lower back that is tension adjustable – makes it easier for Mason to reach behind himself to get things, play, etc.  The one on this demo chair is offers way more support than he needs.  
  • Different anti-tip wheels in the back – his will be two smaller bars that are adjustable so he can have more freedom to do wheelies and have fun as he grows.
  • Smaller wheels – these are 22" and we’re probably going down to 18" so he’s closer to the ground.
  • Sides to the seat (guards) that keep his legs from splaying out to the side so much that they or his pants rub against the wheels.
  • Small extender bar on each brake pull so he can reach without leaning so far forward.

Many parts on this are adjustable or removable, such as the parent handle for pushing like a stroller.  100_2304The other big difference – the color!  There are more than 10 colors to choose from.  Can you guess which one of these we’re going with? 

After Friday’s measurements we’ll just have to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Sometime late summer Mason’s wheelchair should be ready!


  1. I am thinking green or orange

  2. I'm guessing orange. Wheelies?!.... you're a mom who's learned how boys think, lol!

  3. Green or orange are my guess :)

  4. Doesn't he need a headrest to transport in it, or aren't you using it for that yet? My daughter has Angelman Syndrome and uses a wheelchair. Well actually a Ped. Stroller now.
    I still love the Bumbo wheelchair! They didn't have Bumbos when my daughter was little. Ooh how I wish they had :)

  5. Jennifer - I'm not familiar with Angelman Syndrome? Mason's wheelchair will be his tool for exploring the world, so in general he'll use it because he wants to get around and is awake/alert. He's not likely to drift off to sleep in it like a child pushed in a stroller might. Mason also has no head/neck weakness or muscle/nerve problems that would make a headrest helpful or needed. So really the headrest wouldn't be used and it would get in his way when he is playing and turning his head to watch things or reaching behind him to get things. Does that make sense?

  6. Hi Tristan,

    well... this looks like 3 sizes too big for Mason... like you said.
    18" must look very cute.
    I think the smalles Wheelchairs I saw had 20" and they still were tiny.
    I suppose the seat-cushion depth will also be adjusted - that's very important but you didn't mention it.
    Does he also get individually designed wheel-protection with his name on it? In my eyes every individual touch makes wheelchairs look less "pitiful" to outsiders.

    As for the color: orange would make sense as it would always match with him no matter what he wears ;-)

    Good luck for Mason
    Greetings from Germany
    Steffi with Amaya


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