Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Practicing Stair Climbing

Mason keeps trying to climb the stairs.  After talking with our physical therapist about it at his last appointment we got specific ways to work with him when he’s trying to climb.  100_2175Today I happened to have the camera nearby so I snapped a few pictures.  This is after helping him get onto the first step.  The second step is easier for him to get onto because it is the landing.  100_2176All he has to do is get his upper body there and he can lay down and drag his lower half on up using upper body strength. 

100_2177It’s hard work, no doubt about that, but Mason doesn’t let it phase him.  100_2178He moves right on to tackle the full flight of stairs next.

100_2179Oops!  Couldn’t do it on his own and turned around to tell me to put the camera down and get over there to help him.  Cutie pie!

I still hope it takes him a long time to be able to do stairs on his own, but for now I’ll keep helping him practice when he wants to.


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