Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chores Start Young at Our House

100_2199I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures today.  You see, Mason is the seventh child in our family.  Life in a large family brings many joys but it also brings a fair share of work.  We teach little ones to help first by cleaning up after themselves.  Mason is learning the lesson very well.  He was playing in his Bumbo wheelchair this morning and started pulling toys out of this green bin. 

100_2204He tossed them on the floor, obviously looking for something specific. 

100_2208Finally he stuck his head in the bin for a better look. 

100_2209Victory!  He wanted this timer.

100_2210Once he had it he tossed the bin with the remaining toys out of his way.

100_2213He played with the timer for a few minutes.  I quietly turned the bin right side up beside his wheelchair to see what he would do.

100_2216When he was done playing he started picking up the toys he had thrown earlier, at least the ones he could reach. 

100_2223Not bad for a 14 month old!


  1. Good :-)
    I believe it's in his best interest if you expect the same from him as you do from the others in the family (with some modification as necessary). He may have to work harder to achieve the same responsibilities, but that is something he needs to accept. He should NOT accept that he is unable to be a responsible Godly young man.

    I just watched a lovely Hallmark movie last night... "Front of the Class". It's based on a true story. I highly recommend it. You'll all love it, especially the great messages in the movie.

    Way to go, Mason! Your mommy is proud of you!
    Christine (Ontario, Canada)

  2. I need to show this to my 6 and 9 yr olds who claim they are "too young" to clean. They've been doing chores for years but all of a sudden they are incapable of doing them. My favorite (other than being too young) is that their legs (or arms) are too tired to move.

    I love the green bins, by the way!

  3. oh my! that is adorable!!!!


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