Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Surgey Coming Up

Well, we’ve been enjoying a nice quiet surgery free year so far but that’s coming to an end.  Mason had an appointment today with the plastic surgeon who helped our neurosurgeon close his back the day he was born.  At that time the closure was a bit difficult due to lack of skin so when there was extra skin on either side of his opening the plastic surgeon left it intact in case it was needed as Mason went through his first early growth spurts.  They looked like little dog ears at either end of the scar.  Here is a picture from when he was just a month old:

In the last year one side has smoothed out a bit - his body needed it as he grew and stretched.  Both are very sensitive to touch and are right on the area where his waistband hits.  As such that means we have to be extra careful when diapering Mason or he cries from the pain/discomfort. 

Well it’s time to smooth things out so they catch on clothing and diapers less.  They will still be touch sensitive he thinks, but won’t catch on things as much.  This will be a relatively quick outpatient procedure with surgery lasting less than an hour and we’ll come home the same day.  I’m waiting to hear when we’re on the schedule, it could be April, it could be three months from now.  Who knows? 

I hate that we’re looking at Mason’s EIGHTH surgery already but this is one we think he really needs for comfort.  Babies are resilient and their skin is too we’re hoping that doing this surgery while he’s young will give him the best healing experience.  We’ll see how it goes!


  1. So many surgeries! And so many miracles of modern technology/science that allow your boy to grow to in maximum joy. I am filled with awe.

  2. Christa (Halle's mom)March 27, 2013 at 9:28 AM

    Praying it's a smooth one!

  3. You often mentioned something rubbing on his scar and causing problems. I hope these problems can be minimized by the surgery.

    Wishing Mason all the best... a smooth surgery and a fast recovery.

    Steffi and Amaya

    P.S. Your little one keeps impressing me! (Consider having the functional level re-evaluated at some point)


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