Monday, January 23, 2017

Prayer Request for Mason

The last few days have been very busy for Mason! Friday he had Myelo Clinic and saw many of his doctors. We went with a few questions and got various referrals or answers. Then today we had a checkup with colorectal who he sees for bowel management. That triggered an unexpected result - another appointment with the words 'bone cancer' at the top of the reason list.

The abdominal x-ray that was done for colorectal just happened to capture a partial image of his thigh bone and it is suspicious enough that his orthopedic surgeon wants to do full x-rays asap. There are other possibilities, this is an area where Mason broke his femur 2 years ago so it may just be a bone callus. We don't know yet. Prayers are much appreciated! We're trusting that God knows what is going on and praying that x-rays will show no problems. I will update later this week when we know more, and sometime soon I'll share details about Myelo clinic too.

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