Friday, September 6, 2013

Yeah, I know I’m Cute

8.21Isn’t Mason a cutie?  He continues to learn and grow at his own pace.  We are struggling to balance how much time he can use his wheelchair without causing problems for his healing wound.  He loves his wheels! 

We are enjoying a break this week with absolutely no doctors appointments but we have quite a few coming up including:

  • Picking up his dynamic stander.
  • Getting his HKAFOs, they’re being adjusted currently.
  • Myelo clinic team appointment – you know, the one where we have tests, meet with 8-12 specialists and therapists, and hope we come away with good news.  I have a few worries though, so we’ll see.
  • Physical therapy (of course).

COSBA_2012_smallIt’s almost time for the Walk, Run, and Roll.  We’re ready and excited to attend!  Have you read my post on ways you can help?

How has your week been?


  1. How has my week been? Busy. Good. The weekend is shaping up to be crummy, though. I hope I'm wrong . . .

  2. Mason is getting so big!!! And he IS a cutie. He looks a lot like Joseph in the bottom left picture. I mean, you can definitely see the resemblance all the time, but the angle in that one is crazy similar.

    And our week has been busy, but good! I love that it's almost fall!

  3. Is his bottom wound healing at all yet?

  4. He is adorable! He DOES look a lot like Joseph! And he does look like he KNOWS he is cute! Keep us updated on his wound. I want to know how its going with pics please.


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