Saturday, September 14, 2013

On Your Mark, Get Set . . . Go!

100_4900Can you guess what we did today? 100_4878-001

That's right, we participated in the Walk, Run, and Roll.  Those are my little racers with numbers pinned on and ready to go.


Mason liked seeing all the different people, especially because so many had cool wheelchairs like he does.


The weather was cold and sunny.  So much better than hot and sunny if you ask me.  Especially when I'm wearing Samuel in the Ergo all morning.


Grandma and Grandpa Cloud walked with us today.  It is always great to have more hands along for crowd control, especially with our crew.  It was a busy event with many people in the race.


Here is a picture with most of the children who raced today.  There were probably twice as many adults in the race, maybe more.


And one last family picture, this time with my husband in the shot instead of behind the camera.


  1. I'm a runner--slow but steady. I'll look for a spina bifida event in my area.

  2. Your son is really cute :)) I'm 24 and I have SB too (Meningomyelocele) so I use my wheelchair 100% of my time. When I looked at the photos I couldn't help but think of my own childhood. Those little wheelchairs that they make today are really great. I was 3 years old when I got my first and it was the old hospital one, so it was nearly impossible for me to wheel anywhere alone. Before that, my parents had to carry me around.

    I'm sure that even though your son has this disability, he will have a good life. Just don't let him be spoiled (which I'm sure you won't allow) and let him to do things for himself (the things he can manage of course). I work with kids with different disabilities (I'm a teacher) and the worst thing is, when the child thinks that he's the boss and orders everyone around.


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