Monday, August 19, 2013

We’re Ready to Roll! Fundraising for Spina Bifida

Walk with kids 8.19.13A picture of my children and I out walking the neighborhood today.  We went 1 mile because we’re getting ready. . . 

In 27 days our family is participating in the Central Ohio Spina Bifida Alliance’s Walk, Run, and Roll!  There is a 5K for the ambitious types and a 1 mile Fun Walk.  Because we’re doing this as a family with all our children we’re sticking with the Fun Walk. 

If you’re here on Mason’s blog you know just how personally our family is affected by Spina Bifida.  Mason faces lifelong challenges.  Things we take for granted come with difficulty, if at all, for him. 

100_7970I remember when one day while we were in the NICU with Mason we were given a package from the Central Ohio Spina Bifida Alliance.  Inside we found a handmade blanket, a toy to hang on the rail of his hospital crib, notes, a book about Spina Bifida, and even the phone numbers of other families if we needed someone to talk to who had been there, done that.  It was such a spot of hope in an overwhelming time. 

100_404519 months have come and gone since that day.  Nineteen glorious, stressful, inspiring, exhausting months full of ups, downs, and unexpected paths.  More than 100 doctor’s appointments.  Six brain surgeries, one spine surgery, one back surgery.  Untold sleepless nights.  Every minute has been worth it.  Mason is a joy and delight.  He came to earth in a body with physical challenges but he radiates love and happiness.


Will you consider helping us raise money for COSBA as our family joins the Walk, Run, and Roll?  All you need to do is send a donation to me via PayPal and in the notes put “COSBA Fun Walk”.  (On PayPal go to Buy: Make a Payment.  Then simply place in the “To” portion and I’ll receive your donation.  These will be gathered into one single check and given to COSBA on the day of the race!)

More important than any donations, would you be willing to pray for those families affected by Spina Bifida, especially those just hearing the diagnosis for a yet-to-be-born baby?  Unthinkably more than 60% of families will not look past the diagnosis of Spina Bifida long enough to see a son or daughter.  They will choose abortion, murdering a precious child whose life is worth living. 

Thank YOU for your support!


Just what is COSBA and what do they do?

Central Ohio Spina Bifida Alliance:  COSBA is an all volunteer organization whose mission is to raise awareness of Spina Bifida and make a difference in the lives of all who are touched by SB in the Central Ohio area. We serve over 50 counties. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization who offers educational materials, social events, and financial assistance to those in need.


  1. Will the funds go directly towards Masons care? I am interested in him since I have been following his story on and off since before he was born. Does he have a Paypal for donations?

  2. No, donations to COSBA are used for any and all spina bifida patients in the area.

    If you would like to donate directly to Mason's care you're welcome to use the same account. Simply put a note in the payment section that you would like the funds to be used for Mason.

    Thank you so much!!!


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