Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Orthopedic Surgeon Checkup

100_3089Yesterday Mason had his six month checkup with his Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. K.  This is the doctor who has treated Mason since birth for his clubfeet.  He’s the bone guy, or so I explain to my children.  If there is an issue with Mason’s bones or the attached muscles, ligaments, and tendons Dr. K will be watching it.  Today he was checking FOUR things.

First, he evaluated Mason’s left hip, the one that is dislocated.  That appears to be back in place.  YAY!  The doctor said it’s nothing to worry about, that it may continue to pop in and out or it may stay in. 

Next he checked Mason’s spine to see if it is curving (scoliosis/kyphosis).  Basically because of his paralysis and Spina Bifida Mason is at a higher risk for developing curvature.  Some of Mason’s trunk muscles that help hold him upright are compromised, they don’t work well.  Parts of his vertebrae are missing as well, which is how his spinal cord made it outside his body.  Developing problems would be bad!  So far everything looks beautiful. 

100_3090The third thing Dr. K checked was Mason’s clubfeet.  Both still look great.  They were straightened with a series of casts when he was a newborn.  In case you missed those posts:

  1. Here is a post with photos of his feet before casting and midway through the series of casts.
  2. Here is a post with his feet fully corrected and the foot brace he began wearing 23 hours a day after casting.  That lasted for months before we moved to only needing to wear the foot brace overnight while sleeping. 

As of this checkup Mason is to continue to wear his foot brace/bar at night for 6 months while sleeping.  Then we’ll reevaluate.  Basically the longer he wears the foot brace the lower the chance that his feet will regress and re-club.  We’re expecting he’ll wear the foot brace until he is 3 or 4. 

The fourth thing the orthopedic surgeon looked at was Mason’s right foot and hip.  I have noticed in the last month that both are getting a bit tighter (less flexible).  This isn’t a good thing and can cause problems down the road.  For the next 6 months we are to continue aggressive stretches/physical therapy to work with those areas.  If they are worse in 6 months we will consider surgical procedures to loosen/lengthen tendons. 

Overall it was a good visit!

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  1. Seems like Mason is becoming a big boy - He's kinda loosing his "babyface" :-)
    Handsome little man ;-)

    Overall it sounds very good.
    If the hips are blocked they might need to do a surgery so that he can stand well... and something like walk (yeah, me again... not giving up on this)
    Stretching as well as standing might help to avoid surgery. I read that stretching needs to be done at least 30 seconds to be useful.

    Wishing you all the best
    Greetings from Germany
    Steffi with Amaya


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