Friday, March 2, 2012

Cuts, Clubfeet Corrections, and the Foot Brace!



At Mason’s orthopedic appointment today he had his last set of casts removed.  If you’ve not read the blog before, Mason was born with bilateral clubfeet among other things.  After three sets of casts and a total of 5 weeks in casts he is ready to move on to the next phase of correction – a foot brace. 

Unfortunately Mason was cut today when the casts were removed.  It was very frustrating to have that happen on my little man.  The office filed an incident report and now we’ve got to be careful to watch for infection during the healing process.  You can see his cuts here:100_8325

We went from the orthopedics office to the prosthetics and orthotics office to be fitted for the brace.  For 23 hours a day Mason will be in this brace.  After 3 months he’ll start wearing the brace less, working down to 12-14 hours, most of which will be at night. 100_8328He slept while being fitted.  The shoes snap into place on the bar.  That helps during diaper changes because we can just remove the bar and have a bit more maneuverability.  He’s the first baby I’ve ever had wearing shoes before they could walk.  We usually avoid shoes until much older!  100_8330

Here is a shot from the bottom.  Each shoe and each end of the bar are labeled so we put it together correctly each time.  The shoes are ‘straight-last’.  That means they don’t have a curve like regular shoes and can be used on either foot, but they’ve been set independently to attach to their end of the bar at the needed angle for each foot.

We’ve also got some stretching to do with Mason for his knees.  The tendons tightened up from being bent in casts for over a month and now his legs can’t straighten all the way.  With consistent stretching that will loosen up again.  It is so nice to be able to see baby legs again!


  1. Oh, poor baby! I hope the cuts heal quickly and without problem. I'm glad that he's progressing so quickly through his casts and braces and that he's such a laid-back sleeper of a guy.

  2. He is so adorable. I'm sorry about his cut. I'll say a prayer for quick healing.

  3. Stopping by from Swinging on Small Hinges Blog Reader list.

    What a sweet little boy! So sorry to read about his cuts! Ouch!

  4. I'm imagining that your statement about feeling frustated that his foot was cut is a very serious understatment of your feelings. I'm so sorry that happened! However, what a remarkable blessing that he's making such good progress! And the first picture of him shows just what beatutiful, chubba babe he is. :)

  5. I'm sorry about the cuts. Poor little guy.

  6. I have a little boy who just turned 2 and was born with club feet. Reading your blog here brought tears to my eyes. Frustrating is such an understatement to him being cut. That happened to my little man as well. I was surprised that he was only casted 3 times. Easton (my little guy) was cast six times over six weeks, followed by a set he wore for 3 weeks after they cut his muscle. Be prepared to be covered in bruises. when they kick with brace it really hurts. My little man still wears his brace at night and he actually has to wear a different brace. Its called the mitchell brace. The regular one didn't work on him. (his feet were really bad!!) Good luck to you!!

  7. Hi I have just come across your blog during a down time trying to look for the magical words that my 6 year old sons club feet will be corrected silly I know but he was also born with sb and 1 club foot but after a recent detethering of his spinal cord his other foot decided to turn full force. We have been through all the turmoils of castings and vinegar soakings (ponsetti treatment) and bar splints both types and now after his 20 odd surgery on his feet and literally breaking his shin bone are doing the day avos and night splints. On top of all that his kidneys near collapsed and had to have a viscostomy as his 4 hrly catheters were not working and is looking now at a mace being put in for his bowels I am just curious as to what outcome the specialists have given to you to correct his feet as I enjoy listening to other people's good outcomes as it gives me hope


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