Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Urology Updates

Mason had a day of urology testing and appointments yesterday.  Because one of the tests involved a series of x-rays Daddy came along with us (pregnant mommy isn't allowed in during x-rays).  Our day began with the VCUG.  Basically they inject dye into the bladder with a catheter and take repeated x-rays to track where the dye goes, how much the bladder holds, etc.  It can show reflux into the kidneys.  It shows the shape of the bladder.  The great news with this particular test was that Mason's bladder holds more than expected for his age and the cathing and medication he's been on for so long has done wonders for his bladder muscle itself.  The last VCUG we had a few years ago showed a very lumpy, overworked, spasming bladder.  This time we saw a nearly smooth bladder.  He also is NOT refluxing into his kidneys, which is great because reflux damages the kidneys.

Test number two was a urodynamics study.  This measures his body's response to the increasing pressure as his bladder fills, as well as how much his bladder holds before leaking, sphincter function, etc.  Again, we compared the past results to current results and found things look great.  He holds more than four times the fluid that he could before beginning medication and cathing.  Horray for a growing bladder!  Pressures look good. 

We met with the doctor after tests to go over results and the plan - which is to keep doing what we're doing.  That means we continue cathing Mason every 4 hours (8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 12midnight) and keep his Ditropan dosage the same. 

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