Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Visiting Caves and other Updates

A fun note - we went to some caverns about an hour and a half away from us on Labor Day.  Only 1/3 of the hike is wheelchair accessible so after the first portion Mason rode through the rest of the caves on my back using our Ergo carrier. 

Yes, 8 months pregnant me.  It was easier for me to do that than chase my 2 year old through the caves.  I left that job to my husband. Mason's eyes are closed in this shot because of the flash - it was bright after being in the dark caves for a while.  ;)  The pictures in this post are from that day in the caves.

Life moves ahead with the usual cheerfulness on Mason's part.  He is having headaches occasionally and we are not sure why (we visit the neurosurgeon next week).  He has outgrown his AFOs (short leg braces) and HKAFOs (standing braces) so I need to get appointments set to work on those.  In other words, things never stay the same and he's growing.

Bowel management goes relatively smoothly.  We are navigating the waters of getting settled with a new medical supplier for his enema supplies (their first shipment sent us one item of the 10 we needed -- and it was latex so he can't use it!).  He is almost always poop accident free now - which is wonderful. 

He will also visit his nephrologist later this month to have a bone density scan and see what the results of his first year of IV infusions for his osteoporosis are.  We will make a dosage and frequency plan from there (more or the same dose, IVs every 3 months or more or less often). 

Also, one more note - I have had to close the comments on this blog due to spam comments full of hatred for our pro-life (even in the case of disability) stance.  It's sad that people feel that way because all life is precious.  Hopefully they will continue to read Mason's story and find their hearts changed.

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