Friday, August 7, 2015

Bowel Management Bootcamp Day 3

This day the plan for bootcamp is pretty simple.  Mason needed to get an x-ray of his colon done before 10am and I was to email my notes for yesterday/this morning to colorectal.  As you can see he was not impressed by having to wait for another x-ray. 

By midafternoon Mason had 3 small accidents in his diaper (boo!) and colorectal had emailed to say there was still stool in the colon on Mason's x-ray so tonight we're upping the glycerin to 30mLs.  They responded to my questions and let me know glycerin can cause nausea, which is why Mason said his belly was getting sick yesterday during the enema (He did not throw up though).  So, knowing that we're increasing the glycerin tonight I'll be sure we have a bucket and extra towel on hand. They did say if nausea becomes a big problem we can try different solution in the enema. 

Evening Update:

We did Mason's enema tonight and it was different.  I suppose I couldn't expect it to be easy all the time.  Tonight we put the fluid in slower than yesterday because every so often it would leak.  The balloon didn't come out, but fluid was getting around it.  We did inflate the balloon more to see if that would help and can inflate it further if needed. 

Mason did NOT tell us about any nausea.  I asked how his belly felt and he said good, so the increase in glycerin doesn't seem to have bothered him.  He sat for the full hour, watched some cartoons on the Kindle Fire, played games with mommy, and ultimately asked to get down. 

He had a decent output into the toilet.  Now we watch and see if he has any accidents between now and tomorrow evening's enema. 

I did get pictures taken of our new equipment so watch for a post about that to show up sometime this weekend!

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