Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Piano, Stander, and Why We’re So Excited

It truly has been an explosion of learning for Mason this week.  Just this morning he learned how to use his Bumbo wheelchair to go forward instead of rocking forward and back.  This evening he transferred that understanding to the dynamic stander and took off exploring. 

For the very first time he can reach the piano to plunk around – he was so happy. 

I know some people may not understand why this week has been so exciting to us.  I was talking about it with my sister and she said it something like this:

“Well, think about how excited people are when a baby takes it’s first steps.  That’s what this is for Mason – his first steps toward independent mobility.”

She’s right.  That’s exactly why we’re so excited.  Some people see wheelchairs and other mobility devices as a sad thing, something to wish away.  We see them as keys to Mason’s freedom!

I’ll try to upload some more videos tomorrow but now that my children are sleeping I should be too!


  1. He's learning so quickly! I love his big, happy "I'm moving on my own" smiles. What a blessing to have equipment like this for him.

  2. Love! Love! Love!

    He looks like he's so proud of himself!

    It won't be long before he's speeding through the house! Watch out! :)

  3. I can understand the excitement.... it is his first "steps" - and wow, he is so thrilled! It is great seeing him roll around.

  4. tears in my eyes! way to go, Mason!

  5. Makes me a little teary! So happy for Mason.

  6. I just watched this video with 2 of my kids, explaining about the miracle of Mason's life. I am filled with gratitude for him--even though I don't know your family at all!!!

    Thanks for sharing his life and giving me opportunity to bear testimony of the sanctity of life and love and Heavenly Father's plan.


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