Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two More Videos in the Stander

I promised to share some more videos so here are two.  This first one has Mason head to the piano to play.  He almost makes it, tries to play and can’t reach, then rolls himself the rest of the way so he can play.  He is joined by his next oldest brother Caleb, age 2, at the piano.

This second video shows Mason’s lack of control over direction.  I had him across the room from the piano, in a straight line from it, thinking he would roll to it and play.  Along the way he uses his hands unevenly when pushing and ends up turning to the right and heading to a bookshelf instead.  He was just as happy to end up there so it all works out in the end. 


  1. That is amazing progress. I love his look of being so pleased.

  2. I loved watching his little hand play that piano. Babies are so wonderful.


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