Monday, February 4, 2013

New Equipment to Try Out!

Mason has brought many new experiences to our family and today was another one.  We’ve just started using HKAFOs and they require a parent right with him at all times to keep him from falling.  Carving out a half hour or more a few times per day to do this in an already busy household is a challenge.  My other little ones are certain to get into things when I’m busy helping Mason.  And to be honest Mason wants to be upright a lot longer than we can make time for.  Today his physical therapist brought a Rifton Dynamic Stander to try. 100_1555Everyone enjoys standing time when nobody has to keep him from falling over and he can stand for longer periods of time this way.  The process is simple.  We strap on Mason’s HKAFOs first.  Then we stand him on the platform for the stander and buckle a few pads around him to keep him there.  100_1558As you can see from this side there is a tray attached to play with things.  We can remove this to allow Mason to wheel up to a table, couch, or other play surface.  Mason will also learn to use the wheelchair type wheels to propel himself where he wants to be, making him mobile in a standing position.  (These wheels are removable and are a separate purchase when buying a dynamic stander – to the tune of an extra $900.00.)

Like anything there are benefits and drawbacks.  While in his HKAFOs or the stander Mason cannot get anything that is on the floor or falls to the floor.  He can’t bend over.  He needs a fairly wide area to maneuver.  But all the benefits I mentioned about standing in this post are doubled with the dynamic stander because he can now remain upright without assistance and can get around.  Both of those perks mean that Mason can be upright for longer periods of time, which right now he is absolutely loving.

Mason is a bit short for this stander but close enough that he can still use it.  It also adjusts in height for a while as he grows.  We are borrowing this one for now through Help Me Grow.  There is the possibility of purchasing one but they are expensive. A Rifton dynamic stander with the addition of the large wheels for Mason to self-propel in his size would cost us right around $3000.00.  And he would outgrow it and need to move up to new, more expensive, sizes over time. 

For now we will borrow this one and let Mason enjoy himself.  In the future – who knows?!


  1. He is so happy in it! Who knew about all these great things!

  2. Living with a special-needs child is exciting and often challenging! I've come to understand why God doesn't allow us to see into the future. It's so much better to live life right now and allow God to handle the future! I think your attitude of borrowing the stander for now and not worrying about whether or not you can buy him one later is the best way to handle things! Most of the time, the things I've worried about never even happened, and I spent time worrying for no reason. Your little guy is so very adorable! I pray that things continue to go well for him and the rest of the family. :)

  3. Mason warms my heart! So glad that things are going well in his new HKAFO. What a whole new world for him!


    looking or something else and came across this.. I KNOW you are researcher so I am sure you know about this stuff way more than I do.. But just passing it along. They don't have the dymanic stander, but several other standers are mentioned and of course grants. :0)

  5. I love it! Mason looks great standing! I look forward to following his journey.

  6. Hi, I'm from Rifton, the company that makes the Dynamic stander your son is using. It's great to see that the stander is benefiting your son. If you do ever need to purchase your own stander for home use, I wanted to let you know about the "Conversion Kit" we offer which converts the smallest size Dynamic stander to the next size up at less that one quarter the cost of a new size stander. (You can see more details on this page:
    We also have some good resources that can help you navigate the funding maze and find alternatives if Medicaid or insurance won't cover the equipment:
    All the very best to you and to Mason!
    Webmaster for Rifton Equipment


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