Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bumbo Wheelchair–What’s Mason Doing Now?

2.9I realized I have not updated what Mason is doing with his Bumbo wheelchair in a while.  He is not even 13 months old yet and so we really don’t have any expectations for him to actually propel himself around.  He does use the wheels to roll back and forth or turn, though he finds it easier on the wood floors than on carpet.  He still needs to figure out how to let go of the wheels and get a grip further back so he can keep going ahead.  Right now he tends to roll forward as far as his little arms can reach, then because he doesn’t let go he then rolls himself backward as he brings his arms back toward his body.  He will also grab just one wheel and turn in semicircles.2.91The other big thing Mason has been doing a lot lately in his wheelchair is trying to get OUT!  He has realized he can’t quite get out when he reaches toward his toes.  However if he grabs one wheel and maneuvers just right he can turn his whole body out of place in the seat and then he can dive out the front.  Needless to say it’s not a soft landing when he does that, so we’re having to stick close by and make sure he doesn’t do this on the wood floors. 

I’m grateful for so many mobility options for Mason at such a young age!  He still spends most of his day just on the floor playing and crawling around.  But spending time in the Bumbo wheelchair and now his HKAFOs and stander are strengthening his arms so that one day before we know it he will take off on wheels. 

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  1. Tristan, I want you to know how much Mason's story means to me right now. I look at his absolute happiness in just being here, and I look at how much he is progressing, and he is helping me so very, very much. He inspires me to keep trying to walk when it is hard, and to not give up when I have a setback. His beautiful countenance reminds me that I have nothing to fear, and that even when faced with obstacles, I can be full of joy and happiness. Give him a hug of thanks for me and please let him know he has given me strength and courage!


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