Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rolling Brings New Challenges, and an Eczema Update

100_0341With the joy of Mason learning to roll over has come new worries.  It seems like there are so many opportunities for problems!  Over the last week Mason has become quite adept at rolling over to one side and back.  When he’s on his belly he pushes up with his hands and spins around to get at things, which means his siblings are learning not to leave anything on the floor. 100_0344 He rolls himself into a corner occasionally.  This picture came just after he tried pushing backward into the book shelf his toes are in.  Silly boy!100_0354The problem is that in all his rolling, spinning, and pushing backwards Mason’s legs get into some awful contortions.  This picture doesn’t show it very well.  He ends up with a leg hyperextended to the point that we worry he will injure his hip or pop it out of joint.  The dear, sweet boy!  Not being able to feel things certainly makes life interesting. 

He is also beginning to scuff up his knees and we’re having to watch for scrapes, cuts, and the like.  We do put down a baby blanket to help but he’s just not staying on it anymore.  I suspect that as soon as the weather cools a bit wearing pants will help protect his skin some.  100_0338If you’ve been wondering about the ace bandage wrapped around his arm don’t worry!  Mason’s skin is really sensitive and he has a lot of eczema.  That elbow has the worst patch of eczema.  It just won’t heal with all the itching, rubbing, and playing on his tummy.  He rubs off regular bandaids in about 20 minutes so we have been using ace banadages instead.  Being wrapped around his arm they stay in place much better.  

Related to the eczema, we have been trying a new formula for Mason to see if his eczema is milk allergy related.  Basically, we’ve used every cream and medicine the doctors offer and the only thing that clears up his eczema is an oral steroid.  That is not something he can take all the time, it’s not safe to do so.  Having tried everything else, we’re eliminating milk and trying a food allergy formula called Alimentum.  It’s expensive!  If this ends up helping Mason we will spend $300 a month on his formula alone – that is half of what we spend to feed our family of 9 in a month!  It will be worth it if it helps, of course. We are one week into the switch and should have a better idea if it’s helping in another week or two.

The new formula is having side effects on Mason’s poop, good and bad.  He’s not constipated (yay!).  He isn’t having to drink juice or use suppositories to poop.  The down side being his bottom is almost constantly exposed to poop (he can laugh, sneeze, or even just try really hard to roll over and he poops a bit).  That means we’re back to fending off skin breakdown with Ilex paste and vaseline, which also puts us out of cloth diapers and back into disposables.  Who knew so many little things could be affected by one change or another?

All in all Mason is a happy, delightful boy.  He keeps us smiling and finds joy in life.  He is healing really well from his shunt revision as well.


  1. Such a cutie! Babies learning to roll over and scoot around the floor always cause troubles and concerns for mom's. It is great to him progressing and moving around though it causes you more worries and concerns. I pray the new formula works wonders and that the frequent diaper changes needed will slow down. I also pray God would supply your every need for Mason. Thanks for sharing an update so I can pray for your/his needs.

  2. Tristan, It is good to see Mason rolling over so well. He is surely growing fast.
    I wanted to share some things with you that has worked for our son. I am certainly not trying to blog drop, but here is a post I just made on some issues of my son's health.

    Also, he had eczema so severely that we took him to the ER. After several hundred dollars of RX meds, I ran across this:

    and this:

    The cream was heaven sent. We even use it in the winter months on our hands.

    Another thing we found to work is Licorise root extract.

    you can find them all at Walmart and I have even found some at our local Big Lots. I usually order off Amazon or

    You may have tried these already, but just wanted to share in case.

    Hope yall have a great week.

  3. Lauren - I'm always thrilled to get a link for information that might help! Thank you, I'll check it all out. We are currently finishing up a tube of Aveeno's Baby Eczema lotion and it's helping some, but not enough.

    1. For his scuffs on his legs maybe try leg warmers. I have seen some that are black. That's what I used for Benji when he was crawling to save his knees. Just a thought for you. :)

  4. Even though his poop isn't hard, have you tried still doing a suppository to see if it stimulates a larger bowel movement? That was one way we were able to get breaks from the constant leaking. It didn't always work, but sometimes it would slow down the smearing. The skin breakdown is miserable.

    He is super cute! :)

  5. Hello Tristan! I just have to say, the leaps and bounds that sweet little boy has made are awe-inspiring. I'm glad you find the time to document this.

    Have you tried any fleece liners with your cloth diapers so you can use the creams? I use those with mine when she's rashy. I can point you towards some good ones that are pretty affordable. Or you can always make your own.


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