Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Week After Shunt Revision–Healing and Smiling

100_0264It has been a week since Mason had surgery, his shunt failed and needed part of it replaced.  I’m thrilled to say he is healing well and things look like they’re working just right again.  Happiness is generally the order of the day when Mason is around.  100_0272Here is a close up of his scar’s healing progress.  They cut over the existing scar from his original shunt surgery.  And of course shaved his head.  The poor kid was just getting some hair back when surgery came around.  100_0269He is spending more time playing happily on his belly these days.  He likes just about any toy he can find but gets frustrated when they get knocked out of reach. On Saturday Mason will be 7 months old!  Time really does go by quickly.


  1. Okay, that baby is just way too CUTE!!!!!

  2. Hi. I started reading this blog after having been a reader of your homeschooling blog for awhile. I just saw this recall of Bumbo seat (you can order a free safety belt) and thought of you.

  3. Thanks Katie! I just sent for the belt!

  4. Cool! I am ordering mine as soon as I can go in the nursery to look up our info on the sticker. Baby sleeping in there at the moment. :)


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