Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bumbo Recall–Order Repair Kit Free!

bumbo beltI just learned that there is a voluntary recall on Bumbo seats sold from August 2003 to August 2012.  The company will send out repair kits for free if you go to this site.  Basically, there is a danger of children wiggling their way out of the seat, posing a fall risk.  The risk becomes even greater if the Bumbo seat is used on any elevated surface (anywhere but on the floor), though such use is against the company’s safety instructions. 

The repair kit is a simple restraint belt pictured above and looks easy to install.  I watched the installation video on the site after ordering two kits.  One for his Bumbo and one for his Bumbo wheelchair.  Will I use them?  Maybe.  The likelihood of Mason finding a way to wiggle out of the seats without use of his legs is pretty small.  However, future babies we have who use the Bumbo seat will need the belt. 

Thanks to Katie for letting me know about the recall!


  1. I will probably do this. My son, Josh wriggled out of his Bumbo seat at 5 months, fell off the counter and fractured his skull. I didn't use the bumbo seat again after that. He was moved to a booster seat buckled to a chair with a buckle.

  2. I was just on my way over to let you know about this... I saw the recall posted on Facebook and know you hubby and FIL are working on a seat for Mason using a Bumbo seat. Glad to see you know about it. Gotta keep those babies as safe as we can.

  3. Just ordered one, thanks for posting!


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