Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wait and See, Wait and See

100_8731This journey with a child who has a physical disability is one I never thought I would be on.  We were thrown into a “wait and see” life. 

  • Will he learn to roll over? Wait and see.
  • Will Mason sit up on his own?  Wait and see. 
  • Will he have learning difficulties because of the brain malformation (Chiari II)?  Wait and see. 
  • The list goes on and on.

Then there are the moments when I watch my other 6 children and my heart hurts because I know that Mason will never run after them through the house.  He’ll never jump off the furniture.  He’ll never know what it’s like to climb to the top of a slide all by himself or climb a tree.  My heart hurts for the difficult things he’ll face, the people who will hurt his heart because he’s different. 100_8741 Wait and see.  That’s all I have to go on.  That, and the promise of a Savior who will set all things right, who will heal Mason’s body in the resurrection.  That’s enough for me.   

Mason is a fighter.  He’s so strong and amazes me every day.  Today he was trying to roll over after a diaper change! 100_8728This son who can’t even feel his legs, who has heavy shoes on for his brace, he’s already fighting, he wants to roll. 100_8729He has a big spirit in a little body.  He adores his siblings and they adore him. 100_8736He’s a precious gift who is teaching me every day to rely on my Heavenly Father, to trust in the path He’s placed us on.  It not an easy lesson.  I need to readjust my perspective often. 


  1. Awesome! He is strong as are you! What an amazing little boy!

  2. Tristan ~ my heart hurts reading this, and at the same time I am nodding my head and saying "Amen" that at the Resurrection Mason will be whole and physically able to do everything your other children can.

    He is blessed to have you as his mother. :-)

  3. You wrote everything I've thought for my son as well. Wait and see ...


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