Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Mason! 2 Years Old!

How quickly time flies!  Today Mason turns 2 years old.  I have walked down memory lane this week remembering this beautiful, messy, unpredictable journey.  Last year I shared what I would say to the doctors during my pregnancy with Mason.  In just one year's time so much has happened.

This year Mason got his first pediatric wheelchair and truly mastered it.  He uses it most outside the home at church, the hospital, and such.  He does use his wheelchair at home part of each day and enjoys the added height for getting into things he can't reach otherwise. 
Mason has had five more surgeries this year, bringing his total to eleven so far.  They have been a variety, from shunt revision to smoothing out his back scar, to closing a pressure sore - and reclosing it.  Mason is patient and cheerful no matter what the doctors do and frequently charms the nurses with his smile. 
Mason went from drinking formula to finally eating solids.  It was a slow, uphill climb but now he uses a fork and spoon and actually chews food.  I'm so glad the oral aversions he struggled with have passed!  He is still pretty selective in what he eats.  He loves fruit and grain, tolerates veggies, loves green smoothies, and is not a fan of meat most of the time. 
Mason has learned many new skills this year.  While he still crawls on his belly, and always will, he can sit up unsupported now, play with two hands while sitting, and climb entire flights of stairs.  He still uses his hands to balance when sitting some of the time and is just barely able to tip a sippy cup up to drink while sitting now, with breaks to balance again.  He loves to draw, color, write, and do anything with pens, pencils, markers, and paint. 
Mason is slow to talk but quick to understand.  He is only using single word sentences, similar to a few of his older brothers at the same age.  At the same time you can give him two step directions and he follows them easily. 
He is still a fighter, finding a way to do anything he wants.  He is also a bit of a comedian, making faces and laughing often.  He loves wholeheartedly, adores his siblings, and his favorite animals are squirrels and cats. 
It has not been an easy year.  I have learned and grown more than I believed possible.  There have been tears and worry, fear and many more unknowns.  We have unresolved medical issues that will be addressed in the coming weeks and months.  Despite that our day to day life is joyful and I love seeing the two year old Mason.  I look forward to another year of watching this little boy grow!


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! Every year is a miracle!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Mason! We love you guys all!!

  3. He is just adorable. What a blessing to your family! And God apparently has gifted Mason with things that equip him & help your family to meet these struggles, what with his patience, cheerful disposition, and humor.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday, Mason.
    May your next year(s) be filled with joy, fun and love .... And more positive than negative surprises.

    Greetings form Germany
    Steffi with Amaya

  6. Happy birthday Mason!!!! What a year you guys have had. I wish him nothing but healing and adventure this year, no surgeries, no open wounds, and no stress for his mama!! ;)


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