Friday, April 20, 2012

3 More Months? Sigh…


Time for some Mason updates!  This picture was taken yesterday and I thought it was so funny.  Mason was spending a little of his foot-brace-free hour doing tummy time.  He is not a bit fan of tummy time, but it’s something he does often as a part of his physical therapy for his head (learn more here). This was the first time he just calmly took a nap instead of complaining about being on his tummy.  I turned his head to stretch out the muscles that need work after I took this picture.

Today Mason visited his orthopedic surgeon for a checkup on his clubfeet and the progress with his foot brace and bar.  Everything looks great, nice and flexible feet that are staying in the shoes better (finally!).  The one thing that made me a bit sad is that the doctor decided we should continue bracing 23 hours a day for 3 more months (instead of 1 1/2 more).  Honestly, I’m only sad for me.  Mason doesn’t mind the brace at all, but I was really looking forward to having baby toes to play with and nothing bumping around when I’m holding him.  Oh well!  I know Dr. K knows what Mason’s feet need so we’ll just keep wearing the brace full time for a few more months.  After that Dr. K says we'll go right to wearing the brace for sleeping hours unless something funky happens as Mason grows the next few months. 

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