Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shunt Healing, Clubfeet Before Picture

100_8170Things roll along here at home with minor hiccups and I wanted to do a quick post with some pictures before bed.  Mason is 8 days out from his shunt surgery and here is a picture of the incision on his head: 100_8179I don’t have a picture of his abdomen incision but it is healing really well and is not very noticeable.

Tomorrow we begin casts to hopefully correct Mason’s clubfeet, so here are some ‘before’ pictures: 100_8182We’re not sure if the casts will work, but they’re the first line of attack.  Mason’s legs also don’t straighten all the way at the knee, his tendons are pretty tight, so that may need addressed at some point.  100_8187He’s such a cutie!

Oh, and for those who were wondering, our cathing is going better – Mommy’s getting the catheter in the first time much more often.  Hooray! 


  1. What a sweet face! I pray all goes smoothly with his feet.

  2. he's so precious, Tristan. thanks for sharing your journey with us!


  3. That head incision looks good!Gods so awesome for making Mason heal so well from everything ;0) He is such a cute pie!!
    and HOORAY for getting the cathing down!!


  4. Wow! What amazing progress and what amazing moments are coming so fast in this little boy's life! He remains in my prayers. And he is just darling.

  5. What a beautiful little boy -- he look so happy and alert, Tristan.

    I am praying the casting goes well. So glad you are keeping this blog!

  6. Yeah, thanks for all of the updates! He is just so adorable. I saw that in your state a kid has to be 12 before they can babysit. That is too bad. Our life got so much easier when the older kids could stay home with the younger kids. And really right around 10 it was hard to get a babysitter, because our 10 year old knew how to care for things so much better. I wish I could help you on those days. I'd just take your kids and have them do school with us. I hope you can find a way to work this out without having to drag 7 children away for 7 hours of appointments.

  7. I'm glad that he is healing so well, and hope everything goes well with his casts! My sister-in-law's son had bilateral club feet, and he did very well with casting and the corrective shoes. You are an amazing Mama, and while I don't envy your situation, I can only think that you must be incredibly blessed to have been chosen to be the family for this wonderful child. Know that the thoughts and prayers of many people (even "lurkers" like me!) are with your family! :)


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