Friday, January 27, 2012

First Casts!

100_8190Well, Mason got his first set of casts on this afternoon to correct his clubfeet.  In true Mason style he slept through the whole thing.  He just couldn’t be bothered enough to wake up and fuss.  He’ll wear this set for a week and then get new ones every week for 6 weeks.  After that we’ll have more to do, but as we’re not there yet I’ll save that explanation for another day.


  1. Tristan,

    I have not been commenting but reading every day for an update and praying fervant prayers... I am so glad he is doing so wonderfully and you are back home all together--- I know that was important to you! Keeping you and each family member in prayer! I know appearances don't tell the whole story and I am sure you have your moments.. but You LOOK amazing and you can do this. You can also depend on others too! THIS is the season for it. Take what is offered. Ask when you need to. You would do what you could for a friend right! Anyway.. just wanted to say I was reading and praying and thinking of yall!

  2. Ohh bless his heart. I love that he slept through!!!!!!!! XOXO

  3. That is just amazing! How wonderful that he is so peaceful.

  4. Look at those little legs! I'm glad that things are going well!


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