Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Rough Night

Last night was rough.  Really rough.  The funny thing is the newborn was the least of the trouble!

Over a 3 hour period three of my children threw up.  My husband and I stopped counting when the throw up count reached 15 episodes.  We did laundry, washed children, washed floors, and washed it all again and again.  shudder  Mason slept fairly well but was awake for part of the puking hours.  He seems to be working between a 2.5 and 3 hour schedule right now.

In Mason care I had a mini-breakdown at 6:00am because I was trying to catheterize him and just couldn’t get it in past the sphincter to the pee.  You know you’re hormonal when you start crying and moaning that you’ll never get this figured out and your husband will have to come home from work to do it.  LOL.  I did get it in finally and in my head I know that in a few months this will seem really funny because it will be something I know really well how to do.  It will be easy then.  I wish it was easy now though!

We’re all up now and my big plan for the day is to go through the closet and separate fitted and flat sheets by bed size, gather all the towels into nice stacks, pillowcases into a stack, and find all the extra blankets in the house.  My hope is that we won’t need all that preparation for another night but I’m certainly not waiting around – there are still 6 people in this house who’ve not thrown up yet!  We could have puke nights for quite a while yet.  Gulp!


  1. I remember the day my husband came home, asked my oldest where I was, and got the response, "I don't know...probably changed Isaiah's ostomy bag". You know you've got a special kid of life when a 5-year-old knows that term! Praying that tonight goes better...

  2. I had the same exact thing(minus a few kiddos) thursday night. I was actually cleaning one up and the other came through the hall way........ Bless your heart and theres!! XOXO

  3. Oh, I am so sorry. We've had 4 at once twice. It is a living nightmare. I hope you can sleep well tonight.

  4. Im saying prayers that it passes quickly!! and that Mason continues to do well. Love and prayers from our house to yours

  5. You poor thing and your poor little children. We have also had sickness running rampant at our house. My hubby has been out of town for almost 3 weeks and the kids decided it will be a good time to get some super virus! We will be sending you prayers that it passes quickly and skips over baby Mason!


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